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Find all the best Blackadder Quotes online here!

The best Blackadder Quotes online

There is a popular phrase – “A Blackadder Quote a Day keeps the cretins away”. OK, perhaps that is not an official saying, but it should be! Never a day goes by, when I don’t quote Blackadder at least once. And even if I don’t actually quote from the show, I give a ‘BAHHH’ General Melchett style!

If you are looking to find the best Blackadder quotes online, then check out this collection. Blackadder quotes are updated daily, and so you can pick a new one every day of the year!

As well as our Blackadder quotes, you can also find series and episode descriptions, as well as complete scripts for all the shows. It is like Blackadder heaven!

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The Baby Eating Bishop Of Bath And Wells – Blackadder 2 | Money

The Baby Eating Bishop Of Bath And Wells is a character from Blackadder, who has since entered modern culture. Will anyone ever be able to take a Bishop of bath and Wells seriously again?
Poker time - the baby eating bishop of Bath and Wells

Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells

The Bishop, or ‘Bish’ to Edmund, is a debt collector from the Bank of the Black Monks of St. Herod, and particularly enjoys causing pain and injury (even mortal injury) to those customers who cannot repay their debts. His favourite punishment seems to be using a red hot poker. – It’s poker time! read more

The Most Romantic Line In Blackadder | Life Without You Is Like…

This is by far the most romantic line in Blackadder. Save it for your next cheesy pick-up line, or to write in a Valentine card!

The Most Romantic Line In Blackadder

The Most Romantic Line In Blackadder

This line was the closing part of Blackadder Series 2 Episode 6 – Chains. Check out the full script here – Blackadder Chains.