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Find all the best Blackadder Quotes online here!

The best Blackadder Quotes online

There is a popular phrase – “A Blackadder Quote a Day keeps the cretins away”. OK, perhaps that is not an official saying, but it should be! Never a day goes by, when I don’t quote Blackadder at least once. And even if I don’t actually quote from the show, I give a ‘BAHHH’ General Melchett style!

If you are looking to find the best Blackadder quotes online, then check out this collection. Blackadder quotes are updated daily, and so you can pick a new one every day of the year!

As well as our Blackadder quotes, you can also find series and episode descriptions, as well as complete scripts for all the shows. It is like Blackadder heaven!

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What Was I Drinking Last Night? There Will Be A Few Sore Heads In December!

December is the month for having a drink or two. We all know that will bring on a few sore heads! This Blackadder quote is perfect for anyone suffering from a hangover!

What Was I Drinking Last Night?

What on earth was I drinking last night? Classic Blackadder quote.

This classic Blackadder quote is from the second series. You can check out the full script here >> Blackadder ‘Chains’.

Do You Remember The Witchsmeller Pursuivant | Blackadder Series 1?

Even die-hard fans of Blackadder will admit that series 1 was not exactly perfect! It did bring up some interesting characters though, such as the Witchsmeller Pursuivant.

The Witchsmeller Pursuivant

In this episode of Blackadder, the plague rages through Europe, and everyone says that “witches” are to blame. Edmund fails a “test” from the Witchsmeller Pursuivant, and he and his companions are accused of witchcraft.

If you want to check out the full script, take a look at it here >> read more

Shakespeare Gave Me A Hand With The Title

Shakespeare gave me a hand with the title. Do you remember Queenie’s attempt at poetry? One of the most romantic moments in Blackadder!

Shakespeare gave me a hand - classic Blackadder quotes

Shakespeare Gave Me A Hand

When the night is dark,
And the dogs go ‘bark’,
When the clouds are black,
And the ducks go ‘quack’,
When the sky is blue,
And the cows go ‘moo’,
Think of lovely Queenie:
She’ll be thinking of you.

The Tricycle Quote From Blackadder Back And Forth

Here’s the tricycle quote from Blackadder Back And Forth. This Blackadder special was commissioned as part of the Millennium celebrations.

The Tricycle Quote From Blackadder Back And Forth

The Tricycle Quote from Blackadder Back and Forth

Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest breakthrough in travel since Mr. Rodney Tricycle thought to himself, “I’m bored with walking, I think I’ll invent a machine with three wheels and a bell, and name it after myself.”

I Try Madam, And Ten Minutes Later I Try Again

“Well, I try, Madam. And ten minutes later, when I’ve got my breath back, I try again.” Classic Blackadder quote from series 2. The episode was called Chains.

I Try Madam

I try Madam - and ten minutes later when I've got my breath back, I try again.

My Mother Told Me Never To Trust Men With Beards

“My mother told me never to trust men with beards”.  Classic Baldrick quote from Blackadder Series 4!

Never Trust Men With Beards

Never trust men with beards

Don’t Be Revolting Darling!

Don’t be revolting Darling! I wouldn’t lick a German if he was glazed in honey.

Don’t be Revolting Darling

Don't be revolting darling! Classic quote from Blackadder.

Great British Comedy – It doesn’t get better than this!

This is Great British Comedy gold right here! No more words needed – we will leave that up to you. Apart from, don’t forgot to ROAAAR!!

Great British Comedy

Great British Comedy

The Baby Eating Bishop Of Bath And Wells – Blackadder 2 | Money

The Baby Eating Bishop Of Bath And Wells is a character from Blackadder, who has since entered modern culture. Will anyone ever be able to take a Bishop of bath and Wells seriously again?
Poker time - the baby eating bishop of Bath and Wells

Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells

The Bishop, or ‘Bish’ to Edmund, is a debt collector from the Bank of the Black Monks of St. Herod, and particularly enjoys causing pain and injury (even mortal injury) to those customers who cannot repay their debts. His favourite punishment seems to be using a red hot poker. – It’s poker time! read more

The Best General Melchett Line… Ever?

Is this the best General Melchett Line ever? Old Walrus Face is one of the most popular characters from Blackadder, with some awesome lines all through the show.

The Best General Melchett Line… Ever? read more