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Rik Mayall Blackadder – All his appearances including the specials

Although not one of the main cast, Rik Mayall made a number of appearances throughout the Blackadder saga. Here’s a look at all of the Rik Mayall Blackadder appearances, including a couple you might have forgotten about.

The last Rik Mayall Blackadder appearance - As Robin Hood in the Millennium special

British Comedy Legend Rik Mayall

Rik Mayall (7 March 1958 – 9 June 2014) was one of the most loved comedians and actors to rise up from the 80s alternative comedy scene. Whether as Kevin Turvey, Rick from the Young Ones, or the New Statesman, his talent knew no bounds. He made several appearances in Blackadder, and here we take a closer look at them. read more

The 10 Best Blackadder Episodes | Blackadder Quotes

Blackadder has given us some of the very greatest moments in British Comedy, and so choosing the best Blackadder episodes is no easy task. This is what we have come up with.

A look at the top 10 best Blackadder episodes

The Best Blackadder Episodes

We’ve put together 10 of the very best Blackadder episodes, along with our favourite scenes from each. These are in no particular order, although in our opinion, the final episode of Blackadder Goes Forth is the very pinnacle of both British Comedy and British drama.

1. Witchsmeller Pursuivant

Most people agree that the first series of Blackadder was certainly nowhere near the best! It did have its moments though, and the fifth episode was probably the best. Starring Frank Finlay as the Witchsmeller Pursuivant himself, Prince Edmund or the Great Grumbledook as he is accused, is put on trial.  Interesting note – This episode is one of the first times that Baldrick uses the words ‘I have a cunning plan‘. read more

Blackadder – 5 of the most romantic moments

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d share some of the most romantic moments in Blackadder. As you might expect, there’s a few unusual ones in there!

Blackadder falls in love with Bob

The most romantic moments in Blackadder

It’s soon Valentine’s Day, and we’ve put together 5 of the most romantic Blackadder moments to put you in the mood for love! Let us know what you think!

1. Baldrick kisses Percy

In Bells, the first episode of the second series of Blackadder, Baldrick kindly plays the role of bridesmaid to Bob, who didn’t have any childhood girl chums, as her family was so poor. Percy strolls in, and of course gets immediately confused, demanding a kiss… read more

Captain Darling – Funny name for a guy isn’t it?

Captain Darling is a desk-sucking, pen pushing blotter jotter played by Tim McInnerny in Blackadder Goes Forth. Let’s take a look at some of his best moments here!

Blackadder Quotes - One of the best Lord Flashheart Quotes from Blackadder Series 4

Captain Kevin Darling, MC (ca. 1884 – 1917)

After deciding not to take a leading role in the third series of Blackadder, Tim McInnerny returned as a full cast member in the 4th series. Instead of playing an incarnation of Lord Percy Percy, this time, he played Captain Darling, a pencil-pushing aide to the crazy General Melchett.

Captain Darling from Blackadder in a rare show of bravery

Captain Darling Personal Background

As with many of the other characters in Blackadder Goes Forth, we find out a little more about Captain Darling’s background in each episode, with the final episode of Blackadder revealing the most amount of information. For example, we discover that Captain Darling has a girlfriend called Doris, he aspired to keep wicket for the Croydon gentlemen, and he worked for a company called  Pratt & Sons. We also know that he tried and failed to join the Women’s Auxiliary Balloon Corp! read more

Blackadder Series 2 Episode 2 Head Full Script

The second episode of Blackadder Series 2 is called “Head”. The plot of this episode revolves around Blackadder being appointed the Lord High Executioner and Minister for Religious Genocide. Once more, this funny Blackadder episode brings together contemporary historical themes that people even today can relate to, and some excellent, well formed characters. The full script of Blackadder series 2 episode 2 is below.

Blackadder Series 2 Episode 2 Head - A funny scene from the dungeonBlackadder Series 2 Episode 2 – Head Full Script

SCENE 1 (Home of Edmund Blackadder)
BA: Right Baldrick, let’s try again shall we? This is called adding. If I
have two beans, and then I add two more beans, what do I have?
B: Some beans.
BA: Yes…and no. Let’s try again shall we? I have two beans, then I add two
more beans. What does that make?
B: A very small casserole. read more

Blackadder Series 2 Episode 1 Bells Full Script

Here is the full script for Blackadder Series 2 Episode 1 – Bells. It is in series two, that Blackadder truly develops as a character. To many people, this is the ‘classic’ Blackadder series. ‘Bells’ also marks the first episode that Ben Elton takes a hand in writing, as well as introducing one of the most iconic characters – Lord Flash.

Lord Flash from Blackadder Series 2 Episode 1 - BellsBlackadder Series 2 Episode 1 Bells Full Script

In the house of Kate and her father.

K: Father, I must speak. I can be silent no longer. All day long you
muttered to yourself, gibbered, dribbled, moaned and bat your head
against the wall, yelling “I want to die”. Now you may say I’m
leaping to conclusions but you’re not *completely* happy, are you?
It’s mother, isn’t it?
F: No, it is not.
K: You’re brooding over her death, aren’t you?
F: Kate, for the final time, your mother is not dead. She’s run off
with your uncle Henry.
K: Dear father, I know you only say such things to comfort me.
F: Your mother is alive and well and living in Droitwich. It is not her
I brood over. I’m sad because, my darling, our poverty has now
reached such extremes that I can no longer afford to keep us. I must
look to my own dear tiny darling to sustain me in my frail dotage.
K: But father, surely…
F: Yes Kate, I want you to become a prostitute.
K: Father!
F: Do you defy me?
K: But indeed, I do. For it is better to die poor than to live in shame
and ignominy.
F: No, it isn’t.
K: I’m young and strong and clever. My nose is pretty. I shall find
another way to earn us a living.
F: Oh, please… go on the game. It is a steady job and you’d be
working from home.
K: Goodbye father. I shall go to London, disguise my self as a boy and
seek my fortune!
F: But why go all the way to London when you can make a fortune lying
on your back? read more

Rowan Atkinson is back as Johnny English Strikes Again! (New film 2018)

Her Majesty’s greatest spy is back! Rowan Atkinson returns as Johnny English in the third installment of this spy action comedy. Here’s more details on its release, including the first trailer!

Rowan Atkinson in Johnny English Strikes Again

Johnny English Strikes Again

Johnny English is returning to the big screen for the third time!

Rowan Atkinson’s bumbling character is soon appearing in the new film Johnny English Strikes Again. We’ve got a sneak peak of the trailer for you below!

It seems that Johnny English is now a school teacher, but he’s still waiting for the chance to save the world once more. read more

Nigel Planer Blackadder – Lord Smedley in Nob and Nobility

Nigel Planer (Born February 22, 1953) is one of the three main Young Ones actors to have appeared in Blackadder. As Lord Smedley, Nigel Planer’s Blackadder appearance was made in series 3, Nob and Nobility.

Nigel Planer

To many people of a certain generation, Nigel Planer will always be Neil from the Young Ones. Along with two other members of the main Young Ones cast though, he also appeared in Blackadder.

Nigel Planer as Neil from the Young Ones

Lord Smedley

Although he didn’t have the most memorable cameo appearance in Blackadder, it was nice to see Nigel Planer join the Blackadder cast for an episode. He had to wait until series 3 though, in the episode title Nob and Nobility. As Lord Smedley, Nigel Planer is an incredibly annoying friend of Prince George. He is also, it is later revealed, one half of an undercover duo rescuing French aristocrats known as the Scarlet Pimpernel. read more

Blackadder Back & Forth – The Final Blackadder Special

Blackadder Back & Forth marked the end of the Blackadder saga. It was specially commissioned for the Millennium celebrations,  and is a time-travel adventure which reunites most of the cast members for one last time.

Rowan Atkinson as Blackadder and Rik Mayall as Robin Hood in Blackadder Back and Forth

Millennium Eve

Produced almost ten years after the final episode of the Blackadder TV Series aired, Blackadder Back & Forth was a one off special to celebrate entering the year 2000. Specially commissioned for the event, and then shown near the Millennium Dome during this period, it was the only Blackadder to have been filmed without a laugh track. One was later added for when it was first broadcast on BBC1 in 2002. read more

Blackadder Comic Relief – The Cavalier Years and Spider-Plant Man

Fans of Blackadder may know that there was a Blackadder Comic Relief sketch known as the Cavalier Years. What is perhaps not so well known though, is that another sketch came about due to ideas that were talked about for a fifth Blackadder series.

Blackadder Specials - The Cavalier Years Blackadder Comic Relief

The Cavalier Years

The 15 minute Blackadder Comic Relief sketch that most fans will know, was broadcast on Red Nose Day Friday 5 February 1988. The Cavalier Years starred Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson, and Stephen Fry. Warren Clark ( a previous guest star in Blackadder 2) also puts in an appearance as Oliver Cromwell. The Cavalier Years is a fun sketch, with Stephen Fry’s parody of Prince Charles still funny to this day. read more