Blackadder S2 E2 Head Full Script

Blackadder Series 2 Episode 2 Head - A funny scene from the dungeon

The second episode of Blackadder Series 2 is called “Head”. The plot of this episode revolves around Blackadder being appointed the Lord High Executioner and Minister for Religious Genocide. Once more, this funny Blackadder episode brings together contemporary historical themes that people even today can relate to, and some excellent, well formed characters. The full script of Blackadder series 2 episode 2 is below.

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Blackadder Series 2 Episode 1 Bells Full Script

Lord Flash from Blackadder Series 2 Episode 1 - Bells

Here is the full script for Blackadder Series 2 Episode 1 – Bells. It is in series two, that Blackadder truly develops as a character. To many people, this is the ‘classic’ Blackadder series. ‘Bells’ also marks the first episode that Ben Elton takes a hand in writing, as well as introducing one of the most iconic characters – Lord Flash.

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Blackadder S2 E5 Beer Full Script

Blackadder 2 episode 5 beer full script

This is the full script for ‘Beer’, the fifth episode of Blackadder Series 2. Lots of drunken shenanigans ensue, and even the Queen gets drunk. Plenty of Blackadder Quotes to choose from in this episode as well!

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Blackadder Series 2 Episode 3 – Potato Full Script

Captain Redbeard Rum

The third episode of Blackadder Series 2, is called ‘Potato’. Guest starring Tom Baker as Captain Redbeard Rum, it is a source of endless amusement. A quite literally legless Captain, a sea journey, and urine drinking play just a small part in this well written episode of Blackadder.

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