Blackadder Theme Tune Lyrics From Series 2

Blackadder theme tune lyrics

Do you remember all the lyrics for the Blackadder theme tune from series 2? Here’s your chance to sing along!

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Blackadder Theme Tune Series 2

One of the hallmarks of the second series of Blackadder was the theme tune sung at the end of each episode.

The vocalist for the closing themes was Jeremy Jackman,  and the annoying lute playing minstrel was played by Tony Aitken.

The Annoying Minstrel

The closing minstrel singing the Blackadder theme tune was in effect a sub-plot, in which the minstrel gradually antagonised Blackadder to the point that he ended up chasing him.

Finally, at the end of the last episode, Blackadder does get a hold of him and dunks him in  the fountain!

All the Blackadder Themes!

We’ve put all the Blackadder theme tune lyrics below. We’ve also included a rather neat video with ALL the theme tunes in one place right here!

Blackadder The Tune Lyrics “Bells”

Lord Flashheart tweaked the Adder’s beard;
From now he always shall be single.
To fall in love with boys is weird;
Especially boys without a dingle.
Blackadder, Blackadder,
his taste is rather odd.
Blackadder, Blackadder,
the randy little sod.
Lord Flashheart, Lord Flashheart,
I wish you were the star.
Lord Flashheart, Lord Flashheart,
you’re sexier by far.

Blackadder Theme Tune Lyrics “Head”

His great-grandfather was a king,
Although for only thirty seconds,
When put in charge of beheading,
He felt that fame and glory beckoned,
Blackadder, Blackadder,
No such blooming luck,
Blackadder, Blackadder,
Elizabethan schmuck,
Blackadder, Blackadder,
Nothing goes as planned,
Blackadder, Blackadder,
Life deals him a bum hand.

Blackadder Theme Tune Lyrics “Potato”

Sir Francis and Sir Walter had
Discovered new worlds and new nations;
And though Black Adder thought them mad,
He tried his hand at navigation.
Blackadder, Blackadder,
He saw the ocean’s foam.
Blackadder, Blackadder.
He should have stayed at home.
Blackadder, Blackadder,
He heard the new world’s call.
Blackadder, Blackadder,
Discovered bugger-all.

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Blackadder Theme Tune Lyrics “Money”

Take heed the moral of this tale
Be not a borrower or lender;
And if your finances do fail
Make sure your banker’s not a bender.
Blackadder, Blackadder,
He trusted in the Church.
Blackadder, Blackadder,
It left him in the lurch.
Blackadder, Blackadder,
His life was almost done.
Blackadder, Blackadder,
Who gives a toss? No one.

The baby Eating Bishop Of Bath And Wells

Blackadder Theme Tune Lyrics “Beer”

Blackadder couldn’t hold his beer,
The art of boozing he’s not mastered.
And I, your merry balladeer,
am also well and truly plastered.
Blackadder, Blackadder,
A bit like Robin Hood.
Blackadder, Blackadder,
But nothing like as good.
Blackadder, Blackadder,
I thought that he had died,
Blackadder, Blackadder,
The writers must have lied.

And just because we know you want to sing the Goblin Song as well…

Blackadder Theme Tune Lyrics “Chains”

Beware all ye who lust for fame,
The path of life is most uncertain;
Prince Ludwig thought he’d won the game,
But now the Kraut’s gone for a burton.
Blackadder, Blackadder,
He beat the Hun by luck.
Blackadder, Blackadder,
He’s smarter than a duck.
Lord Melchett, Lord Melchett,
intelligent and deep.
Lord Melchett, Lord Melchett,
a shame about the sheep.

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Blackadder Series 2 – Blackadder II

Blackadder Quotes - One of the best Queenie quotes from Blackadder series 2

Blackadder series 2 is set in the Elizabethan era. Written by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton, Blackadder II is very different from series one (The Blackadder). In the second series, Blackadder finds himself at the heart of the royal court. Trying to please the Queen without getting executed, with a hapless Baldrick as more hindrance than help, Blackadder Series 2 aired in 1986.

Blackadder Series 2

The second series of Blackadder really defined the character and the show. Blackadder is depicted as a Machiavellian character, both suave and cunning, devious and manipulative. Baldrick on the other hand, becomes the laughable sidekick, and the butt of many of the show’s jokes.

The other main characters of Blackadder series 2, are the Queen, Nursie, Lord Melchett, and Percy. Their characters seem fully formed, even from the very first episode. Miranda Richardson in particular is magnificent as the Queen. If there is a weaker character from the bunch, then it is Nursie, who could have done with a few more lines.

Blackadder Quotes - One of the best Queenie quotes from Blackadder series 2

Each episode of Blackadder series 2 also features another character who is in it just for that episode. Probably the most famous of these is Lord Flashheart. Played by Rik Mayall at his loud and flamboyant finest, he arguably stole the show in the first episode entitled ‘Bells’.

Blackadder Series 2 Episode List

  1. Bells
  2. Head
  3. Potato
  4. Money
  5. Beer
  6. Chains

Full Cast List for Blackadder Series 2

Rowan Atkinson Rowan Atkinson
 Edmund Blackadder (6 episodes, 1986)
Tim McInnerny Tim McInnerny
 Lord Percy (6 episodes, 1986)
Tony Robinson Tony Robinson
 Baldrick (6 episodes, 1986)
Miranda Richardson Miranda Richardson
 Queen Elizabeth I (6 episodes, 1986)
Stephen Fry Stephen Fry
 Lord Melchett (6 episodes, 1986)
Patsy Byrne Patsy Byrne
 Nursie (6 episodes, 1986)
Tony Aitken Tony Aitken
 Minstrel / … (6 episodes, 1986)
Hugh Laurie Hugh Laurie
 Prince Ludwig / … (2 episodes, 1986)
Tom Baker Tom Baker
 Captain Rum (1 episode, 1986)
Holly De Jong Holly De Jong
 Lady Farrow (1 episode, 1986)
Gabrielle Glaister Gabrielle Glaister
 Kate (1 episode, 1986)
Ronald Lacey Ronald Lacey
 Bishop of Bath & Wells (1 episode, 1986)
Miriam Margolyes Miriam Margolyes
 Lady Whiteadder (1 episode, 1986)
Max Harvey Max Harvey
 Torturer (1 episode, 1986)
Simon Jones Simon Jones
 Sir Walter Raleigh (1 episode, 1986)
Rik Mayall Rik Mayall
 Flashheart (1 episode, 1986)
Cassie Stuart Cassie Stuart
 Molly (1 episode, 1986)
Bill Wallis Bill Wallis
 Gaoler Ploppy (1 episode, 1986)
Mark Arden Mark Arden
 1st Guard (1 episode, 1986)
Roger Blake Roger Blake
 Geoffrey Piddle (1 episode, 1986)
John Grillo John Grillo
 Dr. Leech (1 episode, 1986)
Lesley Nicol Lesley Nicol
 Mrs. Pants (1 episode, 1986)
Linda Polan Linda Polan
 Mrs. Ploppy (1 episode, 1986)
Lee Cornes Lee Cornes
 2nd Guard (1 episode, 1986)
Patrick Duncan Patrick Duncan
 Earl Farrow (1 episode, 1986)
William Hootkins William Hootkins
 Monk (1 episode, 1986)
Edward Jewesbury Edward Jewesbury
 Kate’s Father (1 episode, 1986)
John Pierce Jones John Pierce Jones
 Arthur the Sailor (1 episode, 1986)
Barbara Miller Barbara Miller
 Wisewoman (1 episode, 1986)
Daniel Thorndike Daniel Thorndike
 Lord Whiteadder (1 episode, 1986)
Philip Pope Philip Pope
 Leonardo Acropolis (1 episode, 1986)
Sadie Shimmin Sadie Shimmin
 Young Crone (1 episode, 1986)
Piers Ibbotson Piers Ibbotson
 Messenger (1 episode, 1986)
Barry Craine Barry Craine
 Mr. Pants (1 episode, 1986)

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Blackadder Series 2 Episode 2 Head Full Script

Blackadder Series 2 Episode 2 Head - A funny scene from the dungeon

The second episode of Blackadder Series 2 is called “Head”. The plot of this episode revolves around Blackadder being appointed the Lord High Executioner and Minister for Religious Genocide. Once more, this funny Blackadder episode brings together contemporary historical themes that people even today can relate to, and some excellent, well formed characters. The full script of Blackadder series 2 episode 2 is below.

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