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All the best Blackadder quotes in one place! Blackadder is one of the most popular British TV comedies ever made. With four series and a few specials, it is an endless source of funny quotes. We’ve put together the best Blackadder quotes, full scripts, and Blackadder gifts for you here.

Best Blackadder Quotes

Blackadder is without doubt one of the funniest British TV comedies ever made.

Most people will be familiar with the four series of Blackadder, which consists of a total of 24 Episodes.

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Additionally, there were also a pilot episode, and three specials.

We’ve taken the best Blackadder quotes from them all, and included them here just for you!

Check out Blackadder’s Best Insults to get you started!

One of the Best Blackadder Quotes online

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As well as that, we have a complete collection of Blackadder scripts for you to take a look at.

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Funniest Series of Blackadder

So what was the funniest series of Blackadder? That’s a tough one to answer!

Towards the end of each year, we run a poll on our Facebook page to answer that very question!

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The Blackadder – Series 1

Ok, we admit, this was not as funny as the other three series! There were a few funny Blackadder quotes though to choose from.

If you want to read over the scripts, check here – Full scripts for Blackadder series 1.

The best Blackadder quotes from series one

Blackadder II – Series 2

Set in the Elizabethan era, the second series of Blackadder is a classic.

For many people of a certain generation, this is the funniest series.

Blackadder is a conniving nobleman, sarcastic, self-centred, and almost suave, whilst Baldrick is a bumbling dogsbody.

Without doubt, some of the best Blackadder quotes come from this series.

The Queen is hilarious, and Rik Mayall steals the show in one episode as the Lord Flash.

Check out the full scripts here – Full scripts for Blackadder series 2.

Funny Blackadder quotes from series 2

Blackadder the Third – Blackadder Series 3

After the hilarious success of the second series of Blackadder, some people were initially disappointed by the third.

Time has shown that this series is just as funny though, and now people think it is one of the best!

American fans of Hugh Laurie used to his role in House are always surprised to discover that he played a completely different character as the thicky Prince.

Of course, there are dozens of funny Blackadder quotes to choose from.

To read the full scripts, take a look here – Full scripts for Blackadder Series 3.

The funniest Blackadder quotes from the third series found online

Blackadder Goes Forth – Blackadder Series 4

This series of Blackadder won critical acclaim, and is many peoples favourite.

It mixes the trademark humour, quips and puns you might expect, with historical fact set during the First World War.

This has some of the best Blackadder quotes online, and also some of the most memorable characters.

True fans can even recite the scripts word for word!

Want to find out more about them? Check out the full scripts here – Full scripts for Blackadder Goes Forth.

Black Adder Quotes

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