Blackadder Back and Forth – The Final Blackadder Special

Blackadder Back and Forth marked the end of the Blackadder saga. It was specially commissioned for the Millennium celebrations,  and is a time-travel adventure which reunites most of the cast members for one last time.

Rowan Atkinson as Blackadder and Rik Mayall as Robin Hood in Blackadder Back and Forth

Millennium Eve Blackadder Special

Produced almost ten years after the final episode of the Blackadder TV Series aired, Blackadder Back and Forth was a one off special to celebrate entering the year 2000.

Specially commissioned for the event, and then shown near the Millennium Dome during this period, it was the only Blackadder to have been filmed without a laugh track.

One was later added for when it was first broadcast on BBC1 in 2002.

The Tricycle Quote from Blackadder Back and Forth

Blackadder Back and Forth Full Episode

If you’ve never seen the full episode of Blackadder Back and Forth before, take a look at the video below!

Blackadder Back & Forth and Dr. Who

The basic plot is based on an adventure in time and space.

If that sounds a little bit like Dr. Who, well there are a couple of links!

In this Blackadder special, Baldrick inadvertently invents a time machine.

Fans of Rowan Atkinson may also remember he played a non-canonical Dr. Who in a Comic relief sketch from 1999.

We think he would have made a great Doctor Who! What do you think?

Balackadder Back and Forth Plot

But we digress! Back to the plot.

Blackadder and Baldrick, in a miraculously functioning time machine go back and Forth in time in order to win a bet.

Along the way, they meet Robin Hood, the Duke Of Wellington, Dinosaurs, go the the future, and alter the course of history once or twice.

At the end, Blackadder realises he can alter time to benefit himself.

He becomes the absolute monarch of Britain, and his descendants the Rulers of the Universe.

Blackadder Back & Forth Cast

Many of the core cast members from the Blackadder series appeared in Blackadder Back & Forth, along with previous cameo guest stars.

A few new characters played by ‘household names’ also made their first appearance in this Blackadder Special such as Kate Moss, and Colin Firth.

Some of the Blackadder Back and Forth cast included Miranda Richardson, Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry

Blackadder Back and Forth Cast List

  • Rowan Atkinson – Lord Blackadder, King Edmund III and Centurion Blaccadius
  • Tony Robinson – Baldrick, Prime Minister and Legionary Baldricus
  • Stephen Fry – Flavius Melchett, General Melchius, Lord Melchett and the Duke of Wellington
  • Hugh Laurie – Major George and Consul Georgius
  • Tim McInnerny – Archdeacon Darling, Duke of Darling and Duc de Darling
  • Miranda Richardson – Lady Elizabeth and her relative Queen Elizabeth I
  • Patsy Byrne – Nursie
  • Rik Mayall – Robin Hood (aka Lord Flashheart)
  • Kate Moss – Maid Marian
  • Colin Firth – William Shakespeare
  • Simon Russell Beale – Napoleon
  • Sacha Bennett – Will Scarlet
  • Crispin Harris – Friar Tuck
  • Jennie Bond – Royal Reporter

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Some of the most commonly asked questions about Blackadder Back & Forth include:

Who did Kate Moss play in Blackadder?

In Blackadder Back and Forth, Kate Moss played the role of Maid Marian. Rik Mayall played Robin Hood in the same special.