Greatest Moments Blackadder Series 2

With so many funny moments, which is your favourite from the second series of Blackadder? We’ve got five of the best to choose from.

Classic 'Some Beans' from Blackadder Series 2 Episode 2 Head

The 5 Funniest Scenes from Blackadder 2

The historically, hysterical Blackadder saga had some great moments, and some of the best were from the second series. Which one of these do you think is the funniest?

1. The Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells

It’s poker time! After borrowing money he couldn’t repay from The Bank of the Black Monks of St. Herod, they sent around their debt collector to see Blackadder. The Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells was a deviant in every sense of the word, but could he get the best of Blackadder?

2. Captain Redbeard Rum

Blackadder sets off for new lands, with a Captain who’s legless, wearing a beard you could lose a badger in. It’s a great piece of character acting by the utterly brilliant Tom Baker, who portrays Captain Redbeard Rum as a crazy man who tells tall stories. What happened to the beard at the end of the episode though?

3. Incredibly Strong Ale

Blackadder is famous for not being able to hold his beer. When he is challenged to a drinking contest, he needs to work out how he’s going to not only stay sober, but win the bet. Thingy shaped turnips are also involved, and matters are not helped by the visit of his rich relatives the Whiteadders. Remember the little song about the goblin?

4. Crashing the Wedding

When Lord Flashheart comes to your wedding, you had better watch out. He even likes the beards on bridesmaids! Rik Mayall had several cameos in the Blackadder saga, but his second appearance as Lord Flashheart literally stole the show. Am I happy to see you, or is that a canoe in my pocket?

5. More of a Splat

Percy has a novel solution to help solve Blackadder’s financial problems. He will become an alchemist and create the purest…. green. Except it’s not really a nugget, it’s more of a splat!

Which one of these moments from the second series of Blackadder was your favourite? Please leave a comment below, and share this with your friends!

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