Rowan Atkinson Birthday – Happy Birthday Edmund Blackadder!

Rowan Atkinson, or Edmund Blackadder as we better know him, was born on January 6th 1955. Let’s celebrate his birthday by looking at some of his best scenes in Blackadder!

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Happy Birthday Edmund Blackadder!

It’s January 6th, which can only mean that it is Rowan Atkinson’s birthday! Born in 1955, it means he’s 63 today. Happy Birthday Edmund!

Rowan Atkinson born January 6th 1955

Whilst Rowan Atkinson may be known to many as Mr Bean or even Johnny English,  to us he will always be Blackadder. Here’s some of his best moments in the classic British comedy series.

Best of Blackadder Series 1

Admittedly the first series of Blackadder is not the best, but it does still have some funny parts in it. Perhaps the best, is when he comes up with the surname Blackadder, giving birthday to the legendary saga.

The Best of Blackadder Series 2

It is in series 2 of Blackadder that we really see the sarcastic, conniving character of Blackadder that we’ve all come to know and love.

Anyone for Archery?

Blackmailing the Bishop

Inconweeeenienced – Imprisoned in a Comode

The Best of Blackadder Series 3

Edmund might only be a lowly butler in the third series of Blackadder, but he has constant aspirations to increase his station. The only thing is, he has to put up with the thicky twins George and Baldrick!

Stealing the Prince’s socks

C is for…

The Best of Blackadder Series 4

Many people consider the final series of Blackadder to be some of the best British comedy ever written and performed. There’s no argument from us!. It intelligently blends cutting sarcastic wit with the tragedy of life in the trenches. Here are some of our favourite scenes.

Blackadder gets court-martialled

Getting to know Nurse Fletcher-Brown

Good luck everyone

And finally, who can ever forget that last emotional scene from Blackadder Goes Forth? Good luck everyone…