Baldrick or Mrs. Miggins – Who would you start a family with?

Who would you try to start a family with – Baldrick or Mrs. Miggins? This quote is from Amy and Amiability third series Blackadder.

Start a family with Baldrick or Mrs. M?

The funniest Blackadder quotes from the third series found online

Amy and Amiability

This quote is from the third series of Blackadder. You can read the full script here >> Amy and Amiability Blackadder. The real question though, is who would you prefer to start a family with? Let’s take a look at Mrs. Miggins.

Mrs. Miggins

Played by Helen Atkinson-Wood, Mrs. Miggins is referred to in the second series of Blackadder as owning a Pie Shop. The most memorable reference is probably from the second series with the Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells.

Mrs. Miggins Pie Shop


We don’t actually see here until the third series though. Rather than owning a pie shop, she owns a coffee shop.

Mrs. Miggins


Do we really need to explain who Baldrick is? The originator of the phrase I have a cunning plan,  is the butt of many jokes, and acts as a target for Blackadder’s sarcastic wit.

A Cunning Plan - The long-awaited autobiography by Tony Robinson is released on the 22nd of September 2016!

The question is – who would you prefer to start a family with? Leave a comment below!

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