Am i jumping the gun Baldrick?

Am I jumping the gun, Baldrick, or are the words I Have A Cunning Plan Marching…

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Am I jumping the gun Baldrick, or are the words I have a cunning plan marching with ill-deserved confidence in the direction of this conversation?

I Have A Cunning Plan

This is one of our favourite cunning plan quotes!

Am I jumping the gun Baldrick?

This Blackadder quote is from the third series. The episode is Nob and Nobility.

Here’s another Cunning Plan moment

A history of Cunning Plans

Are you interested in finding out who used the phrase ‘I have a cunning plan’ the most times? Then take a look here – I have a cunning plan. It breaks down who said the phrase, and how many times in each episode.

A plan so cunning

Tony Robinson Autobiography

In a way, we a surprised that it took so long, but Tony Robinson released an autobiography called No Cunning Plan. This is a really good read, and whilst obviously Blackadder is going to feature in there, you will find out more about the man himself.

No cunning plan by Tony Robinson

What is your favourite Cunning Plan

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