Blackadder Comic Relief – The Cavalier Years and Spider-Plant Man

Blackadder - The Cavalier Years

Fans of Blackadder may know that there was a Blackadder Comic Relief sketch known as the Cavalier Years. What is perhaps not so well known though, is that another sketch came about due to ideas that were talked about for a fifth Blackadder series.

Blackadder Specials - The Cavalier Years Blackadder Comic Relief

The Cavalier Years

The 15 minute Blackadder Comic Relief sketch that most fans will know, was broadcast on Red Nose Day Friday 5 February 1988.

The Cavalier Years starred Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson, and Stephen Fry.

Warren Clark ( a previous guest star in Blackadder 2) also puts in an appearance as Oliver Cromwell.

The Cavalier Years is a fun sketch, with Stephen Fry’s parody of Prince Charles still funny to this day.

Blackadder The Cavalier Years

Blackadder Comic Relief Sketch – The Cavalier Years

Check out the full 15 minute Blackadder Comic Relief sketch here:

Spider-Plant Man

And so we go onto the sketch that few people know about – Spider-Plant Man!

Spider-plant man

Now, obviously this is not Blackadder, but it does have two of the main stars.

There’s a good reason for this. The idea for Spider-Plant Man came from discussions that were had for a fifth series of Blackadder that might have been called ‘Batadder’.

This would have been (if it wasn’t obvious already) a Blackadder/Batman parody.

Spider-plant man

As it was though, no fifth series of Blackadder was ever made.

As much as we’d love to see one, it seems unlikely that it will happen any time soon.

Spider-Plant Man

The Spider-Plant Man  aired on 11 March 2005.

In addition to Rowan Atkinson and Tony Robinson, another Blackadder cast member to feature was Jim Broadbent.

He has previously played Don Speekingleesh in “The Queen of Spain’s Beard” in the first series of The Black Adder in 1983.

He also played the role of Prince Albert in Blackadder’s Christmas Carol.

Now in all honesty, this comic relief sketch isn’t the funniest. BUT, right at the end there’s a line or two which sounds EXACTLY like the sort of thing they would have included in Blackadder.

Well, am I glad you did that. In fact, I’m as glad as Bernard Gladboy McGlad, on the gladdest day of his life when he’d just won the gladdest man in North Gladmanshire competition, beating into second place Gladys the Glad. 


Ade Edmondson as the Red Baron von Richthoven

Ade Edmondson as the Red Baron in Blackadder

The Blackadder saga saw many famous British Comedy faces make appearances over the years. One of those was Ade Edmondson as the Red Baron von Richthoven.

Private Plane

Blackadder Goes Forth has earned its well deserved place in the hall of great British Comedy. As with any comedy series, it is a sum of its parts. A great concept, intelligent writing, and of course the people who star in it. During its 4 series and 3 major Blackadder specials, a number of guest stars made cameo appearances. It was really only a matter of time until Ade ‘Vyvyan’ Edmondson turned up!

Red Baron von Richthoven

In Private Plane, Blackadder joins up with the 20 minuters to become a flying ace. During the training sessions, George jokingly makes the following remark:

Crikey! I’m looking forward to today. Up-diddly-up, down-diddly-down, whoops-poop, twiddly-dee, a decent scrap with the fiendish Red Baron, a bit of a jolly old crash landing behind enemy lines, capture, torture, escape and then back home in time for tea and medals.

Inevitably of course, this is exactly what happens!

Captured by the Red Baron

As it turns out, the Red Baron is played by none other than Ade Edmondson. He is the third of the four Young Ones cast to have appeared in Blackadder (the other two being Nigel Planer and of course the fabulous Rik Mayall).

Ade Edmondson Blackadder

Fortunately, his idea of punishing the English flying ace Blackadder, is for him to be taken to a convent school where he will teach the Young Nuns home economics. The theory being that the humiliation would be unbearable.

The little fellow no pressure

Blackadder prepares to settle in for his punishment (which doesn’t sound all that bad at all!). Then, however, Flashheart bursts in on the scene and rescues a rather reluctant Blackadder. Before he leaves, he shoots the Red Baron, and most likely than not says Woof a couple of times!


Blackadder Trivia and General Randomness – Did you know?

Blackadder trivia and little known facts

A fun collection of Blackadder trivia and general randomness. If you are a Blackadder fan, see how many of these you know!

Blackadder Series 4 - Blackadder Goes Forth Cast Photo

Blackadder Fun Facts

Blackadder might have ended in the 80s, but even the most ardent superfan learns something new once in a while!

We’ve pulled together some Blackadder trivia to share with you here. There might be a thing or two you never realised before now!

Some fun Blackadder trivia

Blackadder Trivia

TurnipsTurnips are mentioned frequently throughout Blackadder, and by series 3, Baldrick is obsessed by them.

The trivia here, is that Ben Elton actually confused them with parsnips (remember a turnip the exact same shape as a thingy?).

Since then it was a recurring joke throughout the saga.

a turnip

General Melchett has Haemorrhoids : General Melchett from the fourth series often makes bizarrely weird noises.

According to Stephen Fry who played the character, some of this is to do with his idea of Melchett having hemorrhoids – hence the grunting every time he sits in a chair!

See what we mean in the video of Melchett’s strange noises below.

Aardvark: The word aardvark was in fact left out of the first dictionary.

Perhaps this is because its citation was only first made the year after Dr. Johnson died.

The Scarlet Pimpernel

In the third series of Blackadder, Tim McInnerny plays the Scarlet Pimpernel.

The fun Blackadder trivia here, is that in the original 1905 novel of the same name, the identity of the Scarlet Pimpernel is Lord Percy.

This, of course, is the character played by Tim McInnerny in the previous two series of Blackadder.

Horses willy

Lord Flashheart

Apparently, Rik Mayall only agreed to play the part of Lord Flashheart if every single one of his lines was funnier than main star Rowan Atkinson’s.

What do you think?


Flashheart certainly steals the show, but it’s more through force of sheer personality than anything else!

10 reasons we love Lord Flashheart

It’s Like Crufts in Here

When Flashheart is about to carry Bob off, there is rousing rendition of ‘Woof!’.

In the original script, Blackadder was supposed to respond “It’s like Batterseas Dog’s Home in here”.

The issue was, that due to Rowan’s stutter, he was unable to say the line.

After several failed takes, producer John Lloyd suggested substituting the word Crufts.

The rest, as they say, is history. Woof!

Blackadder Quotes Lord Flashheart is flirting

The Young Ones

The only main cast member of the Young Ones not to appear in Blackadder was Mike the cool guy played by Christopher Ryan.

Rik Mayall, Nigel Planer and Ade Edmondson all made appearances.

The Young Ones, as you may know, was also written by Ben Elton.

The Young Ones

Back and Forth

In the Blackadder special Back and Forth, a portrait of Blackadder from World War 1 can be seen on the wall in the first scene. #

The question is, how is this possible?

Blackadder had previously said he had no children, and died during that emotional final scene from Blackadder Goes Forth – or did he?

Blackadder last charge

A Fifth Series of Blackadder?

There’s always been talk of a fifth series of Blackadder, but it never materialised.

Although it’s very unlikely it would happen with the original cast now, there might always be the possibility of a reboot.

What do you think? Would Blackadder be the same with a brand new cast?

If the original cast did get back together, or Blackadder was rebooted, they might use some of the ideas they had previously kicked around for a fifth series of Blackadder. These include:

  • The Red Adder – Set in Russia during the Russian Revolution with Blackadder as a secret policeman.
  • Blackadder in the 60s. This idea sounded pretty awesome actually. Apparantly, Blackadder would have been the illegitmate son of Queen Elizabeth who played in a rock band known as the Black Adder 5. On the drums would have been Bald Rick. Get it? Baldrick? Never mind, we liked the sound of it.

Rowan Atkinson Birthday – Happy Birthday Edmund Blackadder!

Rowan Atkinson - Born January 6th 1955. Happy Birthday Blackadder!

Rowan Atkinson, or Edmund Blackadder as we better know him, was born on January 6th 1955. Let’s celebrate his birthday by looking at some of his best scenes in Blackadder!

Blackadder theme tune lyrics

Happy Birthday Edmund Blackadder!

It’s January 6th, which can only mean that it is Rowan Atkinson’s birthday! Born in 1955, it means he’s 63 today. Happy Birthday Edmund!

Rowan Atkinson born January 6th 1955

Whilst Rowan Atkinson may be known to many as Mr Bean or even Johnny English,  to us he will always be Blackadder. Here’s some of his best moments in the classic British comedy series.

Best of Blackadder Series 1

Admittedly the first series of Blackadder is not the best, but it does still have some funny parts in it. Perhaps the best, is when he comes up with the surname Blackadder, giving birthday to the legendary saga.

The Best of Blackadder Series 2

It is in series 2 of Blackadder that we really see the sarcastic, conniving character of Blackadder that we’ve all come to know and love.

Anyone for Archery?

Blackmailing the Bishop

Inconweeeenienced – Imprisoned in a Comode

The Best of Blackadder Series 3

Edmund might only be a lowly butler in the third series of Blackadder, but he has constant aspirations to increase his station. The only thing is, he has to put up with the thicky twins George and Baldrick!

Stealing the Prince’s socks

C is for…

The Best of Blackadder Series 4

Many people consider the final series of Blackadder to be some of the best British comedy ever written and performed. There’s no argument from us!. It intelligently blends cutting sarcastic wit with the tragedy of life in the trenches. Here are some of our favourite scenes.

Blackadder gets court-martialled

Getting to know Nurse Fletcher-Brown

Good luck everyone

And finally, who can ever forget that last emotional scene from Blackadder Goes Forth? Good luck everyone…

Hugh Laurie appointed CBE on 2018 New Year’s Honours List

Hugh Laurie awarded CBE in 2018 New Year's honours list

Hugh Laurie is to be upgraded from the OBE he was awarded in 2007 to a CBE in the New Year’s honours list for 2018.

Hugh Laurie as Prince George in Blackadder series 3

Hugh Laurie CBE

Blackadder star Hugh Laurie is to be awarded a CBE in this year’s honours list in recognition for his contribution to drama.

Whilst we will always know and love him for his roles in Blackadder, he has of course achieved fame far beyond the classic British Sitcom. House anyone?

What is a CBE?

Whilst we want to congratulate Hugh Laurie on being recognised in the New Year’s honours list, we couldn’t help but chuckle at what CBE actually stands for.

Apparently, it’s Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

If that doesn’t sound like a title straight out of Blackadder we don’t know what does!

It could only be more perfect, if Stephen Fry dressed as General Melchett was to take part in the ceremony itself!

Hugh Laurie in Blackadder

Having appeared in 14 episodes and 2 Blackadder special, Hugh Laurie was a constant member of the cast.

Hugh’s Best Bits In Blackadder

Here’s a reminder of some of High Lauries’s best bits in Blackadder. Take a look at them and let us know which ones you love the most!

C is for Contrafibularity – Blackadder

Dr Johnson arrives at the palace, having completed his life’s work. His dictionary contains every single known word in the English language except for the rather dubious ones uttered by Blackadder.

Good Lord, George!

General Melchett visits the troops, and recognises George, passing on his regards from his Uncle Bertie. Permission to sing boisterously, Sir?!

George the Lawyer

George provides counsel for the defence. He’s not all that good though!

Blackadder’s Christmas Carol – A Merry Messy Christmas

Blackadder Specials - Blackadder's Christmas Carols

Christmas wouldn’t be, well Christmas, without watching Blackadder’s Christmas Carol at least once! Here’s some of the best scenes from the Blackadder special.

Blackadder's Christmas Carol

Blackadder Christmas Special

Dicken’s Christmas Carol gets turned on its head for this Blackadder special. We are introduced to Ebenezer Blackadder who is the proprietor of a “moustache shop”, and quite possibly the nicest man in England. Unfortunately, it seems that everyone but his loyal employee Baldrick takes advantage of him. All that changes though.

Blackadder's Christmas Carol - Blackadder buying some matches he doesn't need


Robbie Coltrane as the Spirit of Christmas

Robbie Coltrane (who appeared in Blackadder the Third as Dr. Johnson) enters the scene as the Spirit of Christmas. Congratulating Blackadder on how well he has lived his life, he reluctantly shows him images of his ancestors. Note – We wonder how much influence this character had on his part in Harry Potter as Hagrid?!

Robbie Coltrane as the Ghost of Christmas in Blackadder

Blackadder starts to admire his ancestors

Far from being appalled by his ancestors, Blackadder starts to admire them and their devious ways. He sees that they manipulate people to their own advantage, and seem to get one up on the people around them. In effect, he realises that this is what people have been doing to him all his life. This is where the genius of Blackadder’s Christmas Carol comes into play. Starting out good, Blackadder ends up being bad!

Best Scenes from Blackadder’s Christmas Carol

There’s a lot of popular scenes from Blackadder’s Christmas Carol. Perhaps one of the funniest, is the Piggy Christmas Carol singers.

Piggy wiggy woo!

Melchett and Blackadder trade insults

In another flashback, Blackadder and Melchett swap insults as their characters from the second season of Blackadder.

The Ghost of Christmas Future

It’s terribly melodramatic! Blackadder, thrice endowed supreme donkey of the trouser part!

Curious Fact

Hardcore Blackadder fans may already know that in recent years, part of Blackadder’s Christmas Carol has become censored! Yes, as crazy as it seems, an edited version is now the one most commonly aired.

The edit occurs when Baldrick is talking about a dog being used as baby Jesus for the nativity. The removed line mentions the dog being nailed to a cross for Easter. We’ve managed to find a copy of the censored lines for you below here!

If you watch the Christmas Special this year, look out for this deleted scene so you can compare the two, and amaze people with your knowledge of crap facts!

Blackadder T-Shirts – Funny Blackadder Shirts make the perfect gift

Blackadder merchandise

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Funny Blackadder T-Shirts

If you’re a fan of the classic British TV Comedy Blackadder, you will know that there are an almost endless number of quotable lines from the show. Most have these have made their way onto a T-Shirt in one form or another, and we’ve brought together the best of them here for you.

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Keep Calm – I have a cunning plan

Keep Calm - I have a cunning plan. Blackadder T-Shirts available online

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Sticky Situation T-Shirt

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Mrs. Miggins Pie Shop

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Cunning Plan T-Shirt

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Blackadder – Mrs. Miggins Pie and Coffee Shop Owner

Mrs. Miggins from Blackadder

The character of Mrs. Miggins is mentioned in the second series of Blackadder, but actually appears in the third. Here’s a look at Mrs. Miggins, and her pie and coffee shops.

Mrs. Miggins

Although she only plays a relatively minor role in the Blackadder saga, the name Mrs. Miggins is embraced with fondness throughout the land. It’s also connected quite often with pie and coffee shops!

Mrs. Miggins

Mrs Miggins in Blackadder 2

She is referenced a number of times throughout the second series of Blackadder, but never actually makes an appearance. Perhaps the most memorable time she is mentioned is in the episode featuring the Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells.

Mrs. Miggins in Blackadder the Third

Mrs. Miggins is a recurring character in the third series of Blackadder, played by Helen Atkinson Wood.  As a jolly, half-sharp middle-aged woman, she in effect replaces the role of Nursie from the second series.

Mrs. Miggins is a widow, and throughout the series, has hopes of marrying Blackadder. However, in the last episode, she ends up marrying MacAdder, who is Blackadder’s cousin.

Rowan Atkinson as MacAdder - Blackadder's cousin

Mrs. Miggins Coffee Shop

Due to the pie shop quote from the second series, many people think that she owns a pie shop in the third series as well. This is not the case though, and in fact she owns a coffee shop. With that in mind, Blackadder does describe her coffee as “Brown grit in hot water”. Perhaps this gave some inspiration for Baldrick’s Coffee in the 4th series.

Blackadder Mrs. Miggins coffee shop

Delivery Service

It also seems that the coffee shop has a delivery service, with Mrs. Miggins delivering in person. She is seen several times in the Prince’s kitchen with Blackadder and Baldrick. In the last episode she even gets to meet the Prince himself. This explanation about the voting system is one of our favourite scenes!

Not in a Christmas Carol

Finally, some people think that Helen Atkinson Wood appeared in Blackadder’s Christmas Carol as Mrs. Scratchit. This is not the case though. That character was played by Pauline Melville, otherwise known as Vyvyan’s Mum from the Young Ones!

November Blackadder T-Shirt Giveaway – That sounds like a cunning plan!

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