Miranda Richardson – Blackadder Appearances and Roles

Miranda Richardson is well known for playing the Queen in Blackadder Series 2, but she also had other appearances. Here’s more about Miranda Richardson in Blackadder.

Miranda Richardson

Born on the 3rd of March 1958, Miranda Richardson was a main cast member in the second series of Blackadder. She also had recurring appearances in subsequent series and one off specials.

Miranda Richardson in Blackadder 2

Miranda Richardson as Elizabeth 1 in Blackadder series 2

We were first introduced to Miranda Richardson in the second series of Blackadder. Making the role of Queen Elizabeth the First (or Queenie) her own, her portrayal was at times both childish and cruel.

Appearing in all 6 episodes of the Blackadder second series, Miranda Richardson flirted with Blackadder, accompanied by her Nursie. It’s hard to say how much this performance helped her career, but it’s still one of our favourites!

Queenie Blackadder Episodes

The episodes featuring Blackadder queenie from the second season are:

  1. Bells
  2. Head
  3. Potato
  4. Money
  5. Beer
  6. Chains

Miranda Richardson in Blackadder 3

Miranda richardson as the shadow

Many people were disappointed at the time that Miranda Richardson did not return as a main character for the third series of Blackadder. She did make one appearance though, as Amy Hardwood.

This character had a split personality which was perfect for Miranda Richardson to showcase her formidable acting talents. As a wet blanket Amy Hardwood was approached to marry Prince George. As a highway robber, she had a vendetta against squirrels!

Miranda Richardson in Blackadder 4

Miranda Richardson as Nurse Mary in Blackadder Goes Forth

In the fourth series of Blackadder, Miranda returned once more for a one off appearance. This time, she played Nurse Mary Fletcher-Brown, complete with little fluffy bunny act for her patients.

Blackadder at first looks down on Nurse Mary, but then has an affair with her. Finally, he exposes her as a German spy, only to find out he made a mistake at the end of the episode!

Miranda Richardson in Blackadder’s Christmas Carol

Blackadder’s Christmas Carol was a one off special based on the classic Dickens tale, but of course with a Blackadder twist. First aired in 1988, Blackadder’s Christmas Carol has become something of a Christmas favourite.

Miranda Richardson played two characters in Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, which were Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Asphyxia XIX.

Miranda Richardson in Blackadder Back and Forth

Miranda Richardson in Blackadder Back and Forth

Blackadder Back and Forth was the specially commissioned one off short film, first shown in near the Millennium Dome in celebration of the Millennium.

Miranda Richardson played two characters in Blackadder Back and Forth. The first was a reprisal of Queen Elizabeth I and the other Lady Elizabeth.

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