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Blackadder Back and Forth – The Final Blackadder Special

Blackadder Back and Forth marked the end of the Blackadder saga. It was specially commissioned for the Millennium celebrations,  and is a time-travel adventure which reunites most of the cast members for one last time.

Rowan Atkinson as Blackadder and Rik Mayall as Robin Hood in Blackadder Back and Forth

Millennium Eve Blackadder Special

Produced almost ten years after the final episode of the Blackadder TV Series aired, Blackadder Back and Forth was a one off special to celebrate entering the year 2000.

Specially commissioned for the event, and then shown near the Millennium Dome during this period, it was the only Blackadder to have been filmed without a laugh track. read more

Blackadder Comic Relief – The Cavalier Years and Spider-Plant Man

Fans of Blackadder may know that there was a Blackadder Comic Relief sketch known as the Cavalier Years. What is perhaps not so well known though, is that another sketch came about due to ideas that were talked about for a fifth Blackadder series.

Blackadder Specials - The Cavalier Years Blackadder Comic Relief

The Cavalier Years

The 15 minute Blackadder Comic Relief sketch that most fans will know, was broadcast on Red Nose Day Friday 5 February 1988. The Cavalier Years starred Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson, and Stephen Fry. Warren Clark ( a previous guest star in Blackadder 2) also puts in an appearance as Oliver Cromwell. The Cavalier Years is a fun sketch, with Stephen Fry’s parody of Prince Charles still funny to this day. read more

Ade Edmondson as the Red Baron von Richthoven

The Blackadder saga saw many famous British Comedy faces make appearances over the years. One of those was Ade Edmondson as the Red Baron von Richthoven.

Private Plane

Blackadder Goes Forth has earned its well deserved place in the hall of great British Comedy. As with any comedy series, it is a sum of its parts. A great concept, intelligent writing, and of course the people who star in it. During its 4 series and 3 major Blackadder specials, a number of guest stars made cameo appearances. It was really only a matter of time until Ade ‘Vyvyan’ Edmondson turned up! read more

Blackadder Trivia and General Randomness – Did you know?

A fun collection of Blackadder trivia and general randomness. If you are a Blackadder fan, see how many of these you know!

Blackadder Series 4 - Blackadder Goes Forth Cast Photo

Blackadder Fun Facts

Blackadder might have ended in the 80s, but even the most ardent superfan learns something new once in a while! We’ve pulled together some Blackadder trivia to share with you here. There might be a thing or two you never realised before now!

Some fun Blackadder trivia

Blackadder Trivia

TurnipsTurnips are mentioned frequently throughout Blackadder, and by series 3, Baldrick is obsessed by them. The trivia here, is that Ben Elton actually confused them with parsnips (remember a turnip the exact same shape as a thingy?). Since then it was a recurring joke throughout the saga. read more

Rowan Atkinson Birthday – Happy Birthday Edmund Blackadder!

Rowan Atkinson, or Edmund Blackadder as we better know him, was born on January 6th 1955. Let’s celebrate his birthday by looking at some of his best scenes in Blackadder!

Blackadder theme tune lyrics

Happy Birthday Edmund Blackadder!

It’s January 6th, which can only mean that it is Rowan Atkinson’s birthday! Born in 1955, it means he’s 63 today. Happy Birthday Edmund!

Rowan Atkinson born January 6th 1955

Whilst Rowan Atkinson may be known to many as Mr Bean or even Johnny English,  to us he will always be Blackadder. Here’s some of his best moments in the classic British comedy series. read more

Hugh Laurie appointed CBE on 2018 New Year’s Honours List

Hugh Laurie is to be upgraded from the OBE he was awarded in 2007 to a CBE in the New Year’s honours list for 2018.

Hugh Laurie as Prince George in Blackadder series 3

Hugh Laurie CBE

Blackadder star Hugh Laurie is to be awarded a CBE in this year’s honours list in recognition for his contribution to drama. Whilst we will always know and love him for his roles in Blackadder, he has of course achieved fame far beyond the classic British Sitcom. House anyone?

What is a CBE?

Whilst we want to congratulate Hugh Laurie on being recognised in the New Year’s honours list, we couldn’t help but chuckle at what CBE actually stands for. Apparently, it’s Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. If that doesn’t sound like a title straight out of Blackadder we don’t know what does! It could only be more perfect, if Stephen Fry dressed as General Melchett was to take part in the ceremony itself! read more

Blackadder’s Christmas Carol – A Merry Messy Christmas

Christmas wouldn’t be, well Christmas, without watching Blackadder’s Christmas Carol at least once! Here’s some of the best scenes from the Blackadder special.

Blackadder's Christmas Carol

Blackadder Christmas Special

Dicken’s Christmas Carol gets turned on its head for this Blackadder special. We are introduced to Ebenezer Blackadder who is the proprietor of a “moustache shop”, and quite possibly the nicest man in England. Unfortunately, it seems that everyone but his loyal employee Baldrick takes advantage of him. All that changes though. read more

Blackadder T-Shirts – Funny Blackadder Shirts make the perfect gift

These Blackadder T-Shirts make the perfect gift for fans of the classic British Comedy TV show. We’ve collected the best funny Blackadder shirts for you to choose from!

Make it a milky one

Funny Blackadder T-Shirts

If you’re a fan of the classic British TV Comedy Blackadder, you will know that there are an almost endless number of quotable lines from the show. Most have these have made their way onto a T-Shirt in one form or another, and we’ve brought together the best of them here for you.

Keep Calm - I have a cunning plan

We’ve divided this list of Blackadder T-Shirts into 3 sections. The first is for delivery anywhere in the world by Redbubble. The second, is for delivery in the UK by Amazon, and the 3rd is by delivery in the USA by Amazon. We’re sure you are going to find something here you like! read more

Blackadder – Mrs. Miggins Pie and Coffee Shop Owner

The character of Mrs. Miggins is mentioned in the second series of Blackadder, but actually appears in the third. Here’s a look at Mrs. Miggins, and her pie and coffee shops.

Mrs. Miggins

Although she only plays a relatively minor role in the Blackadder saga, the name Mrs. Miggins is embraced with fondness throughout the land. It’s also connected quite often with pie and coffee shops!

Mrs. Miggins

Mrs Miggins in Blackadder 2

She is referenced a number of times throughout the second series of Blackadder, but never actually makes an appearance. Perhaps the most memorable time she is mentioned is in the episode featuring the Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells. read more

November Blackadder T-Shirt Giveaway – That sounds like a cunning plan!

It’s official… we are running another Blackadder T-Shirt giveaway! This time, it’s for a Make It A Milky One shirt. Here’s how to enter.

Blackadder T-Shirt Giveaway – November 2017

We are running a giveaway for a T-Shirt, where there will be one lucky winner. Yes, it could be you! The link to enter is at the bottom of this page. Please read all the rules for the giveaway first. It only take 30 seconds!!!

The winner can choose from the male or female version of the Blackadder T-Shirt.

Make it a milky one

The giveaway opens on Friday 17th November 2017 and closes on Monday 27th November 2017 at 23:59 2017. read more