Blackadder Series From Best To Worst

There were 4 series of Blackadder, each set in a different historical period. Here’s how we rank them from best to worst.

Which Blackadder Series Is The Best?

Surprisingly, there were only ever four series of Blackadder made. These are: The Black Adder, Blackadder II, Blackadder the Third and Blackadder Goes Forth.

Each series is set in a different historical period, with The Black Adder taking place during the War of the Roses, Blackadder II during Elizabethan times, Blackadder the Third during the Regency period and Blackadder Goes Forth set during World War I.

So, which of these is the best? We’ve ranked them from best to worst.

Blackadder Goes Forth

The final series of Blackadder is, in our opinion, the best. This is largely down to the quality of the writing, and the fact that the last series of Blackadder had a lot of the groundwork laid by the series that went before.

Blackadder Series 4 - Blackadder Goes Forth Cast Photo

The main characters, Edmund Blackadder and Baldrick, are both at their best in this series. Blackadder is more manipulative than ever before, while Baldrick is as stupid as he’s ever been.

The supporting cast is also excellent, with Stephen Fry playing General Melchett, Hugh Laurie playing George and Tim McInnerny playing Captain Darling. Guest appearances in this series include Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson.

Our favourite Blackadder episode from the fourth series is ‘Private Plane’, which sees Blackadder and Baldrick stranded in No Man’s Land during World War I. The final episode is perhaps the most poignant, and a fitting end to the series.

Episode List

  1. Captain Cook
  2. Corporal Punishment
  3. Major Star
  4. Private Plane
  5. General Hospital
  6. Goodbyeee

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Blackadder II

The second series of Blackadder is very different from the first, with a new setting, new characters and a new humour. Richard Curtis stays on as writer, but is joined by Ben Elton who lifted the Blackadder concept to a new level.

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It’s much funnier than the first series, and sees Blackadder transformed from a weak loser into a scheming rogue. This series also introduces some of Blackadder’s most iconic catchphrases, such as “I have a cunning plan.”

The cast is excellent, with Tim McInnerny playing Percy, Miranda Richardson as Queen Elizabeth I (check out our Queenie quotes!), Tony Robinson as Baldrick and Stephen Fry.

Our choice of the best Blackadder episode in this series is ‘Beer’. After all, who can forget the Goblin song?!

Episode List

  1. Bells
  2. Head
  3. Potato
  4. Money
  5. Beer
  6. Chains

Blackadder The Third

The third series of Blackadder has its fans, and many people consider it to be the best of the four.

Stephen Fry as Wellington

It’s certainly the most surreal, with Blackadder now serving as butler to the foppish Prince Regent, played by Hugh Laurie. The series is filled with amusing characters and situations, and guest stars include Stephen Fry, Nigel Planer and Chris Barrie.

Robbie Coltrane also puts in an appearance as Dr Samuel Johnson in the famous Dictionary episode from Blackadder season 3.

The last episode – Duel and Duality – is a particular highlight. Blackadder takes the Prince’s place in a duel, and tea is ordered!

Episode List

  1. Dish and Dishonesty
  2. Ink and Incapability
  3. Nob and Nobility
  4. Sense and Senility
  5. Amy and Amiability
  6. Duel and Duality

The Black Adder

The first series of Blackadder is considered by most to be the weakest. While it does have its moments, it’s not as funny as the other three series.

blood death war rumpy pumpy

The main reason for this is that in the Black Adder Season 1 the characters are not yet fully developed, and the humour is more cringy than it is in later series.

Nonetheless, it’s still an excellent series, and one that any fan of Blackadder should watch. Who could ever forget Brain Blessed as Edmund’s dad?!

So, there you have it – our ranking of the Blackadder series from best to worst. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

By the way, you should also check out the documentary Blackadder Rides Again where Rowan Atkinson and other cast members reunite to tell takes of the filming of the Blackadder time periods!

Episode List

  1. The Foretelling
  2. Born to be King
  3. The Archbishop
  4. The Queen of Spain’s Beard
  5. Witchsmeller Pursuivant
  6. The Black Seal

Blackadder British Comedy FAQ

When people consider which Blackadder episodes and series are the best, certain questions always come up. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How many episodes of Blackadder are there?

In total, there are 24 episodes of Blackadder across all four series not including pilot episodes and specials.

Which Blackadder is best?

Most viewers consider it to be a close call between series 2 and series 4 of Blackadder when it comes to deciding which is the best.

What is the order of the Blackadder series?

The order of the Blackadder series is: The Black Adder, Blackadder II, Blackadder the Third and Blackadder Goes Forth.

Why did they stop making Blackadder?

There are a few reasons why they stopped making Blackadder. Rowan Atkinson, who played the lead role, wanted to move on to other projects, and it was generally thought to have run its course.

When was Blackadder Goes Forth set?

Blackadder Goes Forth was set during World War I. It features the famous Goodbyeee scene and final episode, which is often considered to be one of the best television scenes of all time.

How many seasons of Blackadder were there?

The complete Blackadder TV series had four seasons or series.  These were set in the middle ages, the Elizabethan era, the Regency period, and World War I.

Does Blackadder die in every series?

Not every incarnation of Blackadder dies at the end of each series. In the third series of Blackadder, he survives a dual with Wellington, and it is even inferred that Blackadder goes on to impersonate and take the place of the Prince Regent!

Is there a Blackadder series 5?

While there were discussions about creating a fifth series of Blackadder set in a more modern era of British history, it was never written or filmed. Instead we are left with the four classic series of Blackadder as well as the Specials.

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