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Brian Blessed in Blackadder

Brian Blessed, born 9th of October 1936, portrayed King Richard IV of England in the first Blackadder series. Let’s take a look at his best moments.

Blackadder Series 1

This first series of Blackadder was set in the Middle Ages, and is conceived around a hidden history.

This hidden history says that King Richard III won the Battle of Bosworth Field, but was then accidentally  assassinated, where he was succeeded by King Richard IV. Brian Blessed plays King Richard.

Brian Blessed Fresh Horses

Let’s be honest – the first series of Blackadder is not even close to the quality of the rest of the saga. It does have its moments though, and some of those involve Brian Blessed.

Chiswick fresh horses - Brian Blessed in Blackadder

Let’s have a look at his best moments in the first series. We’ve also included a couple of clips of his best scenes.

Brian Blessed in Blackadder

blood death war rumpy pumpy

Well, come on — let’s go and kill some more prisoners.

As the good Lord said: “Love thy neighbour as thyself, unless he’s Turkish, in which case, kill the bastard!”

I’ve always despised you.


Running Jokes

One of the running jokes through the first series of Blackadder, is that the King can not remember his own son’s name correctly. Poor Edmund gets called Enid, Edna, and all manner of variations.

Blackadder Born To Be King

In the final episode of Blackadder series 1 though, the King finally gets his name right! As a bandaged Edmund lies on his deathbed with the entire court mourning over him, his father wakes him up by loudly shouting “EDMUND!”

Edmund, surprised that his father had, for the first time, got his name right, mutters “Father, you called me Edmund.” Richard answers “Sorry, Edgar” (even though everyone else present was calling him Edmund) .

To find out more about the last episode of Blackadder, check out this post here – Blackadder Series 1 The Black Seal.

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Blackadder the Third Face-off – Evil Revolutionary Vs Wellington

Blackadder the Third Face-off

Every week, we are going to run a Blackadder face-off, where we put two characters head to head. Which one is your favourite from these two?
Blackadder the Third Face-off

Evil Revolutionary vs Wellington

To kick off our Blackadder face-off series, we’ve put two characters from Blackadder the Third head-to-head. On the left, we have the Evil Revolutionary, played by comedy legend Chris Barrie. On the right, we have The Duke of Wellington played living genius Stephen Fry.

Evil Revolutionary from Blackadder

The evil revolutionary is a character that appears in the Blackadder the third episode Nob and Nobility.  Played by Chris Barrie, (most famous for his role as Rimmer in Red Dwarf), he only appears in one episode, but what an episode! His best quote from this Blackadder episode is:

The evil revolutionary from Blackadder played by Chris Barrie

Evil Revolutionary Video

Duke of Wellington from Blackadder

The Duke of Wellington appears in the final episode of Blackadder the third, Dual and Duality.  Loud, brash, and arrogant,  he is clearly a partial template for General Melchett from Blackadder Goes Forth. Played by Stephen Fry, he has a number of memorable quotes in this episode:

Wellington ask for tea

Duke Of Wellington Blackadder Video

If you ever need a cup of tea again, you know how to order it properly! Stephen Fry also plays a slightly less bonkers version of the Duke of Wellington in Blackadder Back and Forth.

Which one is your favourite?

So, which one of these two Blackadder the Third characters is your favourite? You can go back to the Facebook page to vote, or leave a comment below!


General Melchett Quotes – The Best of General Melchett

General Melchett played by Stephen Fry

We’ve put together a  collection of the best General Melchett quotes and included a video of his greatest noises at the end. Behhhrr!!
General Melchett wearing a moustache net

General Melchett Quotes

Blackadder Goes Forth combined brilliant writing with superb character acting. Stephen Fry as General Melchett is perhaps the best example of this.

Carrying over the family name of Melchett from series 2 in Blackadder,  General Melchett is every soldiers worst nightmare.

He’s a public school, university educated buffoon at least two steps out of touch with reality – possibly three or four!

We’ve put together some of our favourite scenes and General Melchett quotes here.

If Nothing Else Works…

General Melchett Blackadder Quotes
One of the great things about Blackadder, is that the quotes can be used in everyday situations.

Ever worked for a boss that wants to go ahead with a plan regardless of how crap it is? Any politicians come to mind?!

Paying a visit to the trenches

His motivational speeches were particularly excellent.

Tally Ho General Melchett style

Melchett Talks Dirty

Melchett: Are we all ready to give those French a good licking?
Darling: It’s the Germans we’ll be licking, sir.
Melchett: Don’t be ridiculous, Darling. I wouldn’t lick a German if he were glazed in honey!

Melchett Getting Horny

General Melchett Quotes

We’re never sure if he actually likes Darling

“That’s the spirit, Blackadder, you’re a real man, not some desk-sucking, pen pushing blotter jotter like Darling here! ”

“I’ve come to regard you as a sort of son. not a favourite son, obviously; more an illegitimate backstairs kind of sprog, who nobody really likes’

Melchett has a word on security

Melchett wants to sdhare a word with us about security

Continuing with security with General Melchett

On joining the 20 Minuters

Melchett: “If you’re willing to join the twenty minuters then you’re alright by me and welcome to marry my sister any day.”

Darling: “Are you sure about this sir?”

Melchett: “Certainly, you should hear the noise she makes when she eats a boiled egg, Ill be glad to get her out of the house.”

Never ignore a pooh pooh

One of our favourite General Melchett scenes is the never ignore a pooh-pooh segment!

The Best of General Melchett Noises

And finally, let’s take a look at the best of General Melchett noises, all put together in this one awesome video for you!

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The Best General Melchett Line… Ever?

Is this the best General Melchett Line ever? Old Walrus Face is one of the most popular characters from Blackadder, with some awesome lines all through the show.

The Best General Melchett Line… Ever?

The best General Melchett line ever from Blackadder?

I don’t care if he’s been rogering the Duke of York with a prize-winning leek. He shot my pigeon!

This line came from Blackadder Series 4 Episode 2 – Corporal Punishment. You can check out the full script here >> Blackadder Corporal Punishment. Take a look here for more General Melchett Quotes.