Hugh Laurie appointed CBE on 2018 New Year’s Honours List

Hugh Laurie awarded CBE in 2018 New Year's honours list

Hugh Laurie is to be upgraded from the OBE he was awarded in 2007 to a CBE in the New Year’s honours list for 2018.

Hugh Laurie as Prince George in Blackadder series 3

Hugh Laurie CBE

Blackadder star Hugh Laurie is to be awarded a CBE in this year’s honours list in recognition for his contribution to drama.

Whilst we will always know and love him for his roles in Blackadder, he has of course achieved fame far beyond the classic British Sitcom. House anyone?

What is a CBE?

Whilst we want to congratulate Hugh Laurie on being recognised in the New Year’s honours list, we couldn’t help but chuckle at what CBE actually stands for.

Apparently, it’s Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

If that doesn’t sound like a title straight out of Blackadder we don’t know what does!

It could only be more perfect, if Stephen Fry dressed as General Melchett was to take part in the ceremony itself!

Hugh Laurie in Blackadder

Having appeared in 14 episodes and 2 Blackadder special, Hugh Laurie was a constant member of the cast.

Hugh’s Best Bits In Blackadder

Here’s a reminder of some of High Lauries’s best bits in Blackadder. Take a look at them and let us know which ones you love the most!

C is for Contrafibularity – Blackadder

Dr Johnson arrives at the palace, having completed his life’s work. His dictionary contains every single known word in the English language except for the rather dubious ones uttered by Blackadder.

Good Lord, George!

General Melchett visits the troops, and recognises George, passing on his regards from his Uncle Bertie. Permission to sing boisterously, Sir?!

George the Lawyer

George provides counsel for the defence. He’s not all that good though!

Blackadder – Mrs. Miggins Pie and Coffee Shop Owner

Mrs. Miggins from Blackadder

The character of Mrs. Miggins is mentioned in the second series of Blackadder, but actually appears in the third. Here’s a look at Mrs. Miggins, and her pie and coffee shops.

Mrs. Miggins

Although she only plays a relatively minor role in the Blackadder saga, the name Mrs. Miggins is embraced with fondness throughout the land. It’s also connected quite often with pie and coffee shops!

Mrs. Miggins

Mrs Miggins in Blackadder 2

She is referenced a number of times throughout the second series of Blackadder, but never actually makes an appearance. Perhaps the most memorable time she is mentioned is in the episode featuring the Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells.

Mrs. Miggins in Blackadder the Third

Mrs. Miggins is a recurring character in the third series of Blackadder, played by Helen Atkinson Wood.  As a jolly, half-sharp middle-aged woman, she in effect replaces the role of Nursie from the second series.

Mrs. Miggins is a widow, and throughout the series, has hopes of marrying Blackadder. However, in the last episode, she ends up marrying MacAdder, who is Blackadder’s cousin.

Rowan Atkinson as MacAdder - Blackadder's cousin

Mrs. Miggins Coffee Shop

Due to the pie shop quote from the second series, many people think that she owns a pie shop in the third series as well. This is not the case though, and in fact she owns a coffee shop. With that in mind, Blackadder does describe her coffee as “Brown grit in hot water”. Perhaps this gave some inspiration for Baldrick’s Coffee in the 4th series.

Blackadder Mrs. Miggins coffee shop

Delivery Service

It also seems that the coffee shop has a delivery service, with Mrs. Miggins delivering in person. She is seen several times in the Prince’s kitchen with Blackadder and Baldrick. In the last episode she even gets to meet the Prince himself. This explanation about the voting system is one of our favourite scenes!

Not in a Christmas Carol

Finally, some people think that Helen Atkinson Wood appeared in Blackadder’s Christmas Carol as Mrs. Scratchit. This is not the case though. That character was played by Pauline Melville, otherwise known as Vyvyan’s Mum from the Young Ones!

Why the final scene of Blackadder Goes Forth still gives us goosebumps

Blackadder Goes Forth last scene

The final scene of Blackadder Goes Forth. How is it possible that an episode of a comedy show first broadcast in 1989 still gives us goosebumps? 

Blackadder last charge

Blackadder’s Final Moments

Blackadder has often been described as one of the best British comedy shows ever made.

The last scene of Blackadder Goes Forth is also one of the most poignant and emotional few minutes of television ever created.

How is it possible that this show, first aired 28 years ago, can still give us goosebumps?

The Build Up

A lot of it is to do with the build up, not just within the last episode ofBlackadder of Blackadder Goes Forth itself, but the entire series.

In the first 3 series of Blackadder, the main character is constantly trying to better himself in any dodgy, conniving, scheming way he can.

Blackadder Goes Forth is different though. In this series, all of his cunning plans revolve around one simple goal – To survive.

Funny Blackadder Meme Wibble

Blackadder’s Survival Plans

Blackadder knows that the longer he spends in the trenches, the greater his chances of dying become.

So, he embarks on a series of adventures to get him out of there.

He joins up with the 20 minuters thinking life as a pilot would be an easy option, tries his hand at cooking, and even becomes a spy catcher.

Whatever he does, though, he always ends up back in the trenches.

Final Episode of Blackadder Goes Forth

And until finally, we come to the last episode.

All of Blackadder’s schemes come to nothing, and even sticking a pair of underpants on his head and two pencils up his nose doesn’t work!

Good Luck Everyone

The inevitable, is as they say, inevitable.

His schemes to get out of the trenches fail, and Blackadder and the boys have to make a charge into no-mans land as part of the big push.

All of the comedy in the episode has built up, and now we are giving a stark contrast.

We finally realise that there’s no turning back for Blackadder and his companions, just as there was no turning back for the brave men of the First World War they represent.

Good luck everyone.

In Flanders Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

The final scene of Blackadder Goes Forth closing credits

More Blackadder

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Blackadder George Quotes – The best scenes with George (video)

Blackadder George Quotes

George appears as two different incarnations in the Blackadder series. The first as the thick Prince, and the second as Lieutenant George. Here’s some of the best Blackadder George quotes and scenes.

Prince George (Series 3)

Prince George (brilliantly played by Hugh Laurie),  is, as he describes himself, as “thick as a whale omelette”.  Incompetence is his middle name, and it takes him over a week to put on a pair of trousers in Nob and Nobility.
What a pair of trousers! Blackadder George quotes
It goes without saying that there are some great George quotes and scenes from this series of Blackadder! Here’s a few of the best.

George Quotes From Blackadder the Third

Blackadder: Certainly, sire. I will return before you can say ‘antidisestablishmentarianism.’
Prince George: Well, I wouldn’t be too sure about that! Antidistibilitsmin… anti-misty-linstimbl…

The Prince meets Pitt the Younger

Prince George: I spent a night of ecstasy with a pair of Wellingtons and I loved it.

Our favourite? When the Prince meets Dr. Johnson

Lieutenant George (Series 4)

Hugh Laurie once more portrays George as a dimwitted, upper class toff in Blackadder Goes Forth. Of all four series, this is perhaps the most intelligently written, and produces some great moments featuring George.
George trying to be a defence lawyer in Blackadder
Here’s a video from the same Blackadder episode. We particularly like when George sums up at the end!

George’s upper class nonsense is often balanced with elements of tragedy, especially when he recounts the people that he joined up with, and what happened to them during the War.

How George Joined the War

George: Oh me? I joined up straight away, sir. August the 4th, 1914. Gah, what a day that was: myself and the rest of the fellows leapfrogging down to the Cambridge recruiting office and then playing tiddlywinks in the queue. We had hammered Oxford’s tiddlywinkers only the week before, and there we were, off to hammer the Boche! Crushingly superb bunch of blokes. Fine, clean-limbed — even their acne had a strange nobility
about it.

Edmund: Yes, and how are all the boys now?

George: Well, er, Jacko and the Badger bought it at the first Ypres front, unfortunately — quite a shock, that. I remember Bumfluff’s house-master wrote and told me that Sticky had been out for a duck, and the Gubber had snitched a parcel sausage-end and gone goose-over-stump frogside.

Edmund: Meaning…?

George: I don’t know, sir, but I read in the Times that they’d both been killed.

Edmund: And Bumfluff himself…?

George: Copped a packet at Galipoli with the Aussies — so had Drippy and Strangely Brown. I remember we heard on the first morning of the Somme when Titch and Mr Floppy got gassed back to Blighty.

Edmund: Which leaves…?

George: Gosh, yes, I, I suppose I’m the only one of the Trinity Tiddlers still alive. (Lummy?), there’s a thought — and not a jolly one.

The final Scene from Blackadder

And probably the best scene featuring George,and in fact the finest scene in all of British Comedy, is the final scene from Blackadder Goes Forth.

If you want something quotes from Blackadder | Blackadder Quotes

I want something Lord Flashheart

We all know the most famous catchphrase from Blackadder is ‘I have a cunning plan‘. Did you know the second most used one is ‘If you want something’? Here’s a collection of if you want something quotes from Blackadder.

If you want something


You can find quotes and phrases beginning with if you want something in numerous Blackadder episodes. Here’s a look at what we found:

Blackadder ‘Head’

The phrase first gets used in Blackadder series 2 episode 2 ‘Head’. Blackadder is speaking to Ploppy about Lord Farrow.

If you want something

MRP: I have located my nagging doubt. It’s a small point, but I do now recall that Lord Farrow was considerably taller, more than a yard taller, than young Ploppy here.
BA: If you want something done properly you’ve got to do it yourself,
haven’t you? Anything else I should know?
MRP: Oh yes, he had a very deep voice, big deep booming voice.
BA: So quite like mine then?
MRP: No, my lord, a big deep booming voice.

This scene then follows:


Blackadder ‘Dish and Dishonesty’

In Blackadder series 3 ‘Dish and Dishonesty’, the phrase gets used once again. This is a firm fan favourite!

If you want something done properly, kill Baldrick before you start | Blackadder Quotes

Blackadder ‘Private Plane’

Perhaps the most famous use of the phrase though, is my our very own Lord Flashheart himself in Private Plane. Woof!


Flashheart: All right, Slacky! All right, Slacky! I’ve got to fly.
Two million chicks, only one Flashheart. And remember, if
you want something, take it. Bobby!

Bobby: My Lord!

Flashheart: I want something!

Bobby: Take it!

Flasheart: Woof!

Blackadder Christmas Carol

Finally, we have a scene from Blackadder’s Christmas Carol when Blackadder finally turns bad.

Ebeneezer: However, if you want something for lunch, take this. It’s a pound a lump, and, as luck would have it, there are seventeen lumps left. [takes his seventeen pounds back from her basket] Thank you.
Scratchit: But what about my Tiny Tom?
Ebeneezer: If I was you, I’d scoop him out and use him as a houseboat. Good day.


5 Greatest Cameo Appearances in Blackadder the Third

5 Best cameo appearances in Blackadder the Third

The third series of Blackadder has some of the finest cameo appearances in British Comedy. Here’s 5 of the best.

Blackadder the Third


Set during the era of the British Regency, Blackadder is a butler to thicky Prince George (played by Hugh Laurie). With the ever-present Baldrick as his dogsbody, Blackadder tries to both please his master, whilst ripping him off. This brings him into contact with some notable historic figures of the time, including Pitt the Younger, and Dr. Johnson. An honourable mention goes to Colin the Dog as well!

Blackadder Dish and Dishonesty


The third series of Blackadder saw a reduction in the core cast members, but also introduced a string cameo performance in each episode. Here’s the 5 best comedy cameo appearances in Blackadder the Third, finishing with our favourite!

Robbie Coltrane as Dr. Johnson

In Ink and Incapability, thick Prince George wants to show the world he is an intellectual by becoming the patron of the first English dictionary. Enter Robbie Coltrane as Dr. Johnson! This episode produced some great quotes such as contrafibularities, and also revealed that he had left the word ‘sausage’ out! Robbie Coltrane also appeared as another character in the Blackadder saga in Blackadder’s Christmas Carol.

Chris Barrie as the Evil Revolutionary

In Nob and Nobility, Blackadder finds himself caught up in the French Revolution, and needs to emulate the elusive Pimpernel in order to win a reward. The episode is notable for the appearance of Tim McInnerny (an original full cast member) as a guest star. For many people though, Chris Barrie as the Evil Revolutionary was the stand out cameo appearance.

Kenneth Connor as a Silly Actor

During Sense and Sensibility, Prince George once more shows what a simpleton he is by confusing acting with real life. When actors are hired in order to improve the Prince’s oratory skills, all havoc lets loose! Kenneth Connor, MBE plays one of the actors who are afraid of hearing the word ‘MacBeth’. He might be better known to you as a recurring cast member in the Carry On series, and as  Monsieur Alfonse in the TV series ‘Allo ‘Allo!

Warren Clarke as Mr. Hardwood

The plot of Amy and Amiability revolves around both Blackadder and Prince George being broke. As a result, Prince George must find a wife, whilst Blackadder toys with the idea of being a highwayman. Miranda Richardson (Queenie from series 2) appears as Miss Amy Hardwood, but it is Warren Clarke as the bluff northern industrialist who makes a great cameo appearance.

Stephen Fry as the Duke of Wellington

Perhaps the greatest cameo appearance in the third series of Blackadder though, is Stephen Fry as the Duke of Wellington. It seems like he channelled every bullying school teacher and army office he ever met to create this memorable character. His portrayal of the Duke of Wellington surely also acted as a template for General Melchett in series 4 of Blackadder.

Lord Flashheart – Rik Mayall is Pure Genius

10 reasons we love Lord Flashheart

Women fall for him. Men want to be him. Here’s 10 reasons that we all love Lord Flashheart from Blackadder!

Lord Flashheart

Rik Mayall appeared as four characters in the Blackadder saga.

Once as Mad Gerald in series 1, once as Lord Flashheart in series 2, once as Squadron Commander the Lord Flashheart in series 4 and once as Robin Hood in the Back and Forth special.

It’s the two appearances as Lord Flashheart that we most remember him for though.

Introduced as “The best sword, the best shot, the best sailor and the best kisser in the Kingdom” in Blackadder Bells,  he became a firm fan favourite.

10 Reasons to love Lord Flashheart

1. He makes a grand entrance. Flash has a trademark entrance which normally involves bursting violently through doors, ceilings or walls!

2. He’s got a great catchphrase. Woof! Every hero needs a good catchphrase, and it doesn’t get better than this!

Blackadder Quotes Lord Flashheart Woof

3. Lord Flashheart knows how to flirt. He doesn’t seem to mind bridesmaids with beards either come to think of it!

10 reasons we love Lord Flashheart

4. He knows how to laugh – especially at his own jokes. Laugh and the world laughs with you!

Lord Flashheart from Blackadder

5. Lord Flashheart is direct and to the point. There’s no point in wasting valuable time on training when you can get into action straight away!

6. He always has an answer for everything. Most of the answers seem to be lewd, crude, and of a boastful nature!

Blackadder Quotes - One of the best Lord Flashheart Quotes from Blackadder Series 4

7. The answer might not always be a verbal one! If he ever gets stuck for a witty response, a violent reaction is always to hand.

Hahaha - Lord Flashheart

8. He’s a strong believer in women’s rights (well, kind of). We’ll just leave that one there.

Lord Flashheart from Blackadder

9. He believes in rescuing his brother fliers. Flashheart can also show a softer, sensitive side. Almost.

10. He knows how to make a grand exit! Git!

More Flashheart

Want to check out some more scenes featuring Lord Flashheart?

You can find out all about Blackadder and the 20 minuters here.

If you are interested in the full scripts from any of the episodes, you can find them by using the menu.

The 5 Greatest Moments from Blackadder Series 2

Best of Blackadder series 2

With so many funny moments, which is your favourite from the second series of Blackadder? We’ve got five of the best to choose from.

Classic 'Some Beans' from Blackadder Series 2 Episode 2 Head

The 5 Funniest Scenes from Blackadder 2

The historically, hysterical Blackadder saga had some great moments, and some of the best were from the second series. Which one of these do you think is the funniest?

1. The Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells

It’s poker time! After borrowing money he couldn’t repay from The Bank of the Black Monks of St. Herod, they sent around their debt collector to see Blackadder. The Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells was a deviant in every sense of the word, but could he get the best of Blackadder?

2. Captain Redbeard Rum

Blackadder sets off for new lands, with a Captain who’s legless, wearing a beard you could lose a badger in. It’s a great piece of character acting by the utterly brilliant Tom Baker, who portrays Captain Redbeard Rum as a crazy man who tells tall stories. What happened to the beard at the end of the episode though?

3. Incredibly Strong Ale

Blackadder is famous for not being able to hold his beer. When he is challenged to a drinking contest, he needs to work out how he’s going to not only stay sober, but win the bet. Thingy shaped turnips are also involved, and matters are not helped by the visit of his rich relatives the Whiteadders. Remember the little song about the goblin?

4. Crashing the Wedding

When Lord Flashheart comes to your wedding, you had better watch out. He even likes the beards on bridesmaids! Rik Mayall had several cameos in the Blackadder saga, but his second appearance as Lord Flashheart literally stole the show. Am I happy to see you, or is that a canoe in my pocket?

5. More of a Splat

Percy has a novel solution to help solve Blackadder’s financial problems. He will become an alchemist and create the purest…. green. Except it’s not really a nugget, it’s more of a splat!

Which one of these moments from the second series of Blackadder was your favourite? Please leave a comment below, and share this with your friends!

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Brian Blessed in Blackadder | Chiswick Fresh Horses!

Brian Blessed in Blackadder

Brian Blessed, born 9th of October 1936, portrayed King Richard IV of England in the first Blackadder series. Let’s take a look at his best moments.

Blackadder Series 1

This first series of Blackadder was set in the Middle Ages, and is conceived around a hidden history.

This hidden history says that King Richard III won the Battle of Bosworth Field, but was then accidentally  assassinated, where he was succeeded by King Richard IV. Brian Blessed plays King Richard.

Brian Blessed Fresh Horses

Let’s be honest – the first series of Blackadder is not even close to the quality of the rest of the saga. It does have its moments though, and some of those involve Brian Blessed.

Chiswick fresh horses - Brian Blessed in Blackadder

Let’s have a look at his best moments in the first series. We’ve also included a couple of clips of his best scenes.

Brian Blessed in Blackadder

blood death war rumpy pumpy

Well, come on — let’s go and kill some more prisoners.

As the good Lord said: “Love thy neighbour as thyself, unless he’s Turkish, in which case, kill the bastard!”

I’ve always despised you.


Running Jokes

One of the running jokes through the first series of Blackadder, is that the King can not remember his own son’s name correctly. Poor Edmund gets called Enid, Edna, and all manner of variations.

Blackadder Born To Be King

In the final episode of Blackadder series 1 though, the King finally gets his name right! As a bandaged Edmund lies on his deathbed with the entire court mourning over him, his father wakes him up by loudly shouting “EDMUND!”

Edmund, surprised that his father had, for the first time, got his name right, mutters “Father, you called me Edmund.” Richard answers “Sorry, Edgar” (even though everyone else present was calling him Edmund) .

To find out more about the last episode of Blackadder, check out this post here – Blackadder Series 1 The Black Seal.

What’s your favourite scene staring Brian Blessed in Blackadder? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Hugh Laurie | Blackadder characters and funniest moments (video)

Hugh Laurie in Blackadder

Hugh Laurie made his first Blackadder appearance in the series 2 episode ‘Beer’, and went on to feature in every episode after that. Here’s a look at his characters and funniest moments.

Hugh Laurie in Blackadder Series 2

Even the most ardent super-fan sometimes forgets that Hugh Laurie actually had two appearances in Blackadder Series 2.

The first one was in ‘Beer‘, where he played Simon Partridge, otherwise known as ‘Farters Parters’.

Hugh Laurie in Blackadder Series 2 Beer as Farters Parters

The second character he played, was in the series finale ‘Chains‘.

As Ludwig the Indestructible, he imprisoned Blackadder in a commode, and revealed himself to be a master of disguise.

Prince Ludwig from Blackadder Series 2 Episode 6 Chains


Shorty, Greasy, Spot-Spot

The Prince Regent in Blackadder Series 3

Hugh Laurie joined the cast of Blackadder as a full-time member from series 3 onward.

As the dimwitted Prince Regent, he ranks only just slightly above Baldrick in terms of intelligence!

Hugh Laurie as Prince George in Blackadder series 3

Our favourite episode, is where he meets Doctor Johnson and talks about words in the dictionary!

But this is a great line as well..

Tally ho, my fine, saucy young trollop. Your luck’s in. Trip along here with all your cash and some naughty night attire, and you’ll be staring at my bedroom ceiling from now till Christmas, you lucky tart. Yours with the deepest respect etc. Signed George. PS Woof, woof!

Lieutenant George in Blackadder Goes Forth

The entire fourth series of Blackadder is a work of genius, and Lieutenant George plays an integral part in it.

George in Blackadder goes forth

As the product of a public school and privileged university education, his naive approach to the War is both sad and amusing.

University education - You can't beat it

This is our favourite scene featuring Hugh Laurie in Blackadder Goes Forth.

I feel Fantastic

Hugh Laurie Blackadder Specials

Hugh Laurie also featured in the Blackadder specials, that included Blackadder’s Christmas Carol as Lord Pigmot, and Blackadder: Back & Forth as Major George and Consul Georgius.

Hugh Laurie in Blackadder Back and Forth

Do you have a favourite episode of Blackadder that features Hugh Laurie? We’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below.