Nigel Planer Blackadder – Lord Smedley in Nob and Nobility

Nigel Planer (Born February 22, 1953) is one of the three main Young Ones actors to have appeared in Blackadder. As Lord Smedley, Nigel Planer’s Blackadder appearance was made in series 3, Nob and Nobility.

Nigel Planer

To many people of a certain generation, Nigel Planer will always be Neil from the Young Ones.

Along with two other members of the main Young Ones cast though, he also appeared in Blackadder.

Nigel Planer as Neil from the Young Ones

Lord Smedley

Although he didn’t have the most memorable cameo appearance in Blackadder, it was nice to see Nigel Planer join the Blackadder cast for an episode.

He had to wait until series 3 though, in the episode title Nob and Nobility.

As Lord Smedley, Nigel Planer is an incredibly annoying friend of Prince George.

He is also, it is later revealed, one half of an undercover duo rescuing French aristocrats known as the Scarlet Pimpernel.

Blackadder meets Lord Smedley

An unfortunate end

Sadly, Lord Smedley comes to rather an unfortunate end in the episode.

Entering the cell of Blackadder and Baldrick disguised as Madame Guillotine, his aim was to rescue the boys, but first he wanted to have some fun.

Unbeknown to him though, Blackadder had a cunning plan of his own to escape.

He gives Lord Smedley a suicide pill, who then dies a rather elaborate death.

Blackadder Kills The Scarlet Pimpernell

Here’s a look at the final dramatic moments, as Blackadder poisons the Scarlet Pimpernel.

British comedy fans will perhaps also recognise Chris Barrie as the Evil Revolutionary.

Chris Barrie is of course better known as Rimmer from Red Dwarf.

”Hooray its the scarlet Pimpernel!”
”Yes Baldrick”
”And you killed him!”

Other Young Ones Actors in Blackadder

As mentioned, two other main actors from the Young Ones appeared in Blackadder.

Everyone knows Rik Mayall appeared as Lord Flashheart of course.

It’s often overlooked that he was in the very first series of Blackadder as Mad Gerald though.

The other actor, Adrian Edmondson, appeared in Blackadder Goes Forth.

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